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Dog Activities

Our activity schedule provides the best in physical care and exercise, and also provides the mental stimulation and love so necessary to your dog's well-being.

Dogs have a BLAST playing - huge outdoor and indoor play areas!
Malibu loves the tub - sure it is small on her, but she's a Mastiff!!

Puppy playground equipment gives dogs plenty of activities to engage them!

Sample Daily Activity Plan for Dogs

6:00am Good Morning! Breakfast is Served
Each guest is served the food he or she is used to eating, prepared in the manner and the amount specified by their owner.

8:00am PAWsative Training Sessions
Guests spend time working individually with a staff member to learn or review commands such as sit, heel, stay and so on. Our methods use only positive reinforcement. Participation is based on the dog's desire to do so.

9:00am Outdoor Exercise Time/Playgroups
We offer four large, individual exercise areas with safety fences all around for our guests to enjoy whent he weather is pleasant. Fetching and game time is enjoyed by all. Social dogs participate in supervised group play in the the big play yard. We spend time doing fun, confidence building games!

11:00am Cookie Break & Puppy Love
Each guest receives individual attention, a treat, petting and affection.

11:30am Lunch Time/Doggie Nap Time
While not all dogs eat a midday meal, some do benefit from this third meal, which we gladly serve if you have requested it. Then, from 11:30a.m. to 2:00p.m. it's soft music and lights out for a refreshing nap.

2:00pm Outdoor Exercise Time/Playgroups
If weather does not permit outdoor time, our guests enjoy playtime with a staff member on our indoor fun course. There are play obstacles, toys to chase, and fun for all.

3:00pm Cookie Break & Puppy Love

5:00pm Dinner is Served
Some dogs eat only one meal a day at home; however, for health reasons we do prefer to serve their usual daily food in at least two meals.

6:00pm Outdoor Exercise Time/Playgroups

8:00pm TLC/Laptime
Time to get ready for bed, which includes brushing of hair and teeth (if this is part of the normal home routine) and quiet love, lap time, and affection.

9:00pm Lights Out! Bedtime!
Having enjoyed a full day, our guests are ready for a good night's sleep on raised beds in our comfortable, climate controlled facility, which is electronically monitored for safety.

"We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made." -M.Facklam

At the Lucky Dog Lodge, we treat your pet like a member of the family. Our priority is the happiness and safety of each guest. Rest assured that your pet will have an ideal vacation stay, enjoying our luxurious facilities and peaceful rural setting. Your companion is in caring and capable hands.